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Find out the many benefits of permanent make-up and discover how we support your natural beauty.

No more smudged lipstick or eyeliner and your eyebrows are always on point.

An everyday perfect look without the effort of putting on make-up. No rush for preparing yourself for business or leisure.

Anne mapping and pre drawing an eyebrow tattoo

Prior to your first session, Anne offers a free consultation and takes her time to discuss your desires and answer all your questions. She will analyse your skin, determine the requirements and explain the process. She will guide you through the after-care procedures to achieve the best results. 

Put your nerves at ease and enjoy your first appointment. We start the session by designing and pre-drawing your perfect look exactly to match your imagination.

Once we agree on shape, style, and look, Anne will apply the pigments for Permanent Perfection. 


The pigmentation of eyeliner on top and/or bottom eyelids enhances the expressions of your eyes. 

With the choice of discreet, fine eyeliner ("lash line enhancement"), you will emphasise your eyelashes to appear fuller, and your lash line looks more pronounced.

A more pronounced eyeliner, on top, bottom or both, will draw attention to your eyes and accentuate the full panache of your glance.

a top winged eyeliner tattoo enhancing beautiful green eyes
tattooed eyebrows in modern shape enhancing the face structure of a women

Eyebrows are like a frame to a face and significantly enhance your facial expression in general. Whether nano-hairstroke brows, powder brows or ombre brows, Anne will guide you through the different techniques and help you choose the best look for you.

We do not use brow stencils—the design will be individually determined according to your facial structures and personal wishes. Once you decide on shape and colour, we map and pre-draw the eyebrow design before we start pigmentation.


Permanent pigmented Lips are perfect to accentuate the natural expression of your lips.

First, we map and pre-draw the design matching your desired colour and shape. Natural shape and size are considered, and we will balance some natural irregularities. 

Choose from various colours to match your natural lip colour, or go for a trendy lip colour. We are happy to create an individual colour mix to suit your desires.

Lip pigmentation is a fantastic permanent solution if you want to look groomed 24/7, just "gloss and go!"

And, of course, you can still wear lipstick over your tattoo.

nice tattooed lips in a warm red colour
comparison of corrected eyebrows before and after the tattoo correction procedure

If you are not happy with the colour or shape of your previous cosmetic tattoo, which was done elsewhere, we offer professional correction or removal. 

Please contact us for an individual assessment and consultation for this service.

We will discuss the best possible options.


This procedure has a great impact, showing off your eyes and giving them this extra expression. It makes your lashes look longer and fuller. 

A great alternative to lash extensions.

No need for a lash-curler anymore.

Anne carrying out a lash lift on a relaxed client
Anne showing the result of a lash lift and tint
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