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Prices are for treatment packages  containing ALL sessions of the treatment.

We care about your individuality - prices may vary depending on your personal needs; e.g. when you already had a cosmetic tattoo.

Find out more in a free consultation.

Payment plans available with tailored instalment plans. 

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The treatment contains 2 sessions and 1 perfection-session (if necessary):


690,- AUD 

For best results we create feathertouch, ombre and shaded brows, or a combination thereof.

Pricing may vary depending on individual needs. Learn more in a free consultation meeting.


Lip treatments are very individual and in some cases more sessions will be required. Please enquire.

Full lip tattoo

(1 session including 1 touch-up after 4 to 6 weeks)

Lip Light or Glossy Effect

750,- AUD 

190,- AUD 


The treatment contains 1 sessions and 1 perfection-session (if necessary):

Top decorative:

Top fine:


Package both top and bottom:

630,- AUD 

490,- AUD 

390,- AUD 

690,- AUD 


Please enquire for prices, since tattoo removal or correction requires individual assessment prior treatment.

Lash Lift and Tint

Lash Lift and Tint Treatment

75,- AUD 

Note: "Numbing" (topical anaesthetics) is NOT included in the prices. By state and governmental regulation Topical Anaesthetic has to be purchased by the client DIRECTLY from a licensed pharmacist.

NeoTempo Aesthetics is happy to assist with ordering, shipping, storage and handling of your topical anaesthetic.

Anne will guide and assist with the ordering process during the consultation session.

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