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Our aim is to emphasise your natural beauty!

We enhance your look with the application of semi-permanent make-up.

A natural-looking cosmetic tattoo ensures a perfect appearance when waking up, doing sports, going for a swim or being at work, any day, at any time.

NeoTempo Aesthetics can realise your dream to look perfectly groomed 24/7.

NeoTempo Aesthetics fulfils your desires with our gentle and delicate pigmentation method using fantastic pigment colours.

Give us a call and book an obligation-free consultation.

We would love to explain options and possibilities that suit your desirable look. We look forward to seeing you at our cosmetic studio in Hope Island.

Anne, Cosmetic Tattoo Artist smiling to say welcome
Dedication to professionalism ...

NeoTempo Aesthetics offers service to the highest standard in Cosmetic Tattooing. 
We are a fully certified and licensed Cosmetic Tattoo Studio Clinic.

Owner and director Anne Maurer is an accredited Permanent-Make-Up Artist. She is also fully qualified in cosmetic tattoo removal and cosmetic tattoo correction.
Additionally trained in Germany to highest levels she received the ConturColor Professional Award.
Anne is an accredited PMU and Cosmetic Tattoo Trainer by Swiss Color. 

All staff is trained and certified in Infection Control, our day to day work is continually quality-controlled and annually audited by Gold Coast City Council Health Inspectors. 

To find out more about our services, cosmetic tattooing and lash lifts & tints please navigate to the 'service&procedures' section.
NeoTempo Aesthetics trusts in a variety of factors:
Client Communication:

Trust, transparency and communication are fundamental for the desired outcome. 
Prior to your first session, Anne offers a free consultation, and she takes the time to discuss your desires and answer all your questions. She will analyse your skin, determine the requirements and explain the process. She will guide you through the after-care procedures to achieve the best results.

Highest quality precision equipment is a prerequisite for perfect results.
NeoTempo Aesthetics uses different types of state-of-the-art tattoo equipment, electronic machines, and rotary machines to best suit the client's needs. 
modern tattoo equipment, a digital pigmentation machine
various lip tattoo pigments in different shades of red
Colours / Pigments:

We use high-quality pigments only, which are controlled and certified by relevant national and industry standards.
On demand, we use vegan-friendly pigments or pigments suitable for MRI or regarding possible allergies.
Training and ongoing Professional Development:

As an accredited Advanced Permanent-Make-Up Practitioner, I have also undergone rigorous training to Australian Standards in Infection Control and Hygiene Control, ensuring the highest level of safety and hygiene in my practice.

Continuous advanced and currency training, as well as attending industry exhibitions and conventions, assures the highest professional skills and knowledge as a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist.
Besides a Diploma of Arts, Anne also holds a Cert VI in Training and Assessment.  

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