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LIPS - Contour and Fill

Permanent pigmented Lip Contours are perfect to accentuate the natural expression of your lips.

First we draw on the lip-line and lip-blend with our special lip-pencils matching your desired colour and shape. Natural shape and size are taking into consideration and we are able to cater for some natural irregularities. With the pigmentation of the lips we can reduce the appearance of the unwanted fine lines and restore natural symmetry and fullness.

Chose from a variety of colours to match the natural colour or go for a trendy lip-colour you don't have to put on every day from scratch. 

Lip pigmentation is a fantastic permanent solution if you want to look groomed 24/7, wether you wake up, do sports, go for a swim or are at work. 

Just "gloss and go!" And of course you are still able to wear your favourite lip-stick on top of your permanently styled lips. 

perfect lips - tattooed
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