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After Care

For best results please adhere to the after-care procedures. Pigmentation still is an invasive procedure, your skin needs a recreational phase after each session. As part of a lip-tattoo-session you will receive a soft-laser treatment right after the pigmentation to relieve the stress on the skin and support the healing process.

NeoTempo Aesthetics sells own specially developed after-care products, which we recommend.

(alternate products are included in the list below)



For the next 10 days please adhere to following instructions:

  • avoid permanent contact to oil-based products or the use of

  • avoid use of oil-based de-make-up or shower-gel

  • no soap no cleansers on the treated area for a minimum of 3 day as they can be detrimental to the bonding process that must take place for the pigment to stabilise in the dermis

  • avoid hot water for 3 days (btw. a cold shower is quite healthy)

  • do not exposure yourself to UV radiation (sun or solarium), wear a hat or cap to protect your face from intense solarisation

  • do not remove surplus pigment-colour or scratch off scaling skin

  • do not put on eyelash-extensions or artificial eyelashes in case you had an eyeliner session

  • do not undergo a lip filling procedure earlier than 5 weeks after a session – in case you plan one let us know, so we can figure out the best appointment schedule – be aware that lip filling might have an effect on the lipline or contour

  • if possible shower with water only or at least use fragrance-free products, make sure no soap or shower gel touches the treated area.

  • avoid swimming or diving especially in chlorine treated pools, dry off the treated area asap after swimming, diving, showering

  • no waxing, threading or tweezing of treated areas before 21 days after the session.

To relieve itching sensation and help the healing process:

  • apply Bepanthen© cream (available at your chemist), apply twice a day with cotton pad to keep area moisturised

  • do not peel off scaling skin manually, allow the colour to flake away by itself

  • do not use Vaseline or PawPaw-Ointment since this will cover/seal the area and the skin is not able to “breathe”

  • cold compresses or ice packs will help to bring swelling down (lips) – be aware of possible “frost-bite” if attached to long to your skin. 


In case of any questions or queries feel free to contact us any time.

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